How to Clean Grill Grates for Better Taste and Food Safety?

Dirty grills aren’t just a health hazard, they also change the flavor of your food. Follow these tips to clean grill grates the right way and your grilled food will taste better. Clean Grill Grates for Better Tasting and Safer Food. You can clean your grill grates using aluminum foil, an onion, a scouring pad and hot water. The burnoff method is the quickest and easiest way to get your grates sparkling.

Cleaning your grill with hot, soapy water every month is recommended. You can steam-clean your grill using water and a sponge. Oiling your grill grates in advance makes clean-up work easier. Make sure to clean the rest of your grill and grill tools between barbecues as well, we suggest. Check out our grill cleaning guide to ensure you haven’t missed a spot.

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