How do Clean BBQ Grill?

If you have a barbecue with an enameled BBQ grill, you can easily clean it with soapy water and dishwashing liquid. Do not use a scourer, abrasive, or metal tools, as this will damage the enamel on the grid. If there’s really stubborn dirt on your barbecue, you should try the GreenGrill Brush together with The BBQ Cleaner. This effective cleaning spray is suitable for enameled and chrome-plated BBQ parts and it can also be used on accessories with a non-stick coating or GreenGrill coating.

If you have a BBQ with a chromed grid, you only have to wash the grid with soapy water (after it has cooled down). If there are food scraps caked on the grid, you need to then place them in water to soak overnight. The grid will then be easier to clean with paper towels the next morning. If necessary, you can remove stubborn dirt with a scouring sponge, an abrasive or metal cleaning tool – only to clean chromed grids!

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