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All appliances, no matter how carefully maintained, require servicing and repair at some point. There are no exceptions to this rule when it comes to gas barbecues. Every product, however, has a shelf life, and once it reaches that point of wear and tear, you must either repair or replace it. We offer a BBQ Grill repair service near you at FIX Appliances. So sit back and relax as our professionals troubleshoot and resolve any issues with your BBQ grill. Cooking for your friends and family in a cost-effective and mess-free manner. 

Our grill repair service team is highly qualified and experienced in providing you with a repair solution for your grill. We can repair practically any grill if we have the correct replacement parts and can rely on the time and weather to complete the work safely.

You must understand that repairing a barbecue item is a major undertaking. If you employ the incorrect individuals, you may learn the hard way that gas grill repairs and cleaning are not to be taken lightly.

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Soda (baking)

Remove as much rust as possible from your grill grates by brushing them with a soft brush. Place the grate on your grill and liberally sprinkle it with baking soda. Turn on your grill and watch as the baking soda begins to boil away the rust. Turn the grill off and set it aside to cool.

between five and 10 years

Every five to ten years, the burners will need to be replaced. All of these parts, according to Weber, are worth replacing at least once.

Gas flow issues can prevent a gas barbecue from getting hot enough. First, make sure there’s enough gas in the tank; the reduced gas flow from a practically empty tank won’t provide enough gas to the burners to heat adequately. Clean the burner tubes to ensure that they are adequately heated, and replace any that are damaged.

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