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Luxury High-End Home & Marine BBQ/Kitchen Grill Cleaning Service in Broward County

We will show up at the time specified and provide you with the following services. First, we make sure the bbq grill lights up and works. Tarps are placed on the ground and on all work surfaces to protect the cleaning area. Then we remove all the parts on the inside. (grill grates, searing racks, warming trays and burners down to the shell of the grill). We then remove all the grease and debris clearing out of all burner holes for good solid gas flow from the individual parts and buff.

Once that is finished we clean the inside of the grill removing all the grease, grime, and carbon buildup accumulated overtime. Once the inside is thoroughly cleaned we then buff off any surface rust and polish the outside of the grill along with the hood and any other stainless steel appliances. A deep bbq grill clean usually takes about 2-3 hours.

When You Need Our Help?

We offer the best High-End BBQ repair and cleaning that you can think of. Keeping your grill clean is crucial when it comes to functioning properly and working to its fullest potential.