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15 Years Of Experience as a Grill Cleaning Service.

Welcome to KickAshGrills! We specialize in the Care & Maintenance of Outdoor Kitchen Equipment. Creating a Safe and Healthy Grilling Environment for you and your family to enjoy. By Providing Professional BBQ Grill Cleaning, Repair, Installations, and more…

Our professional grill cleaning services eliminate hazardous carcinogens that accumulate deep within your grill, unclog the burners, and ensure that your grill cooks food evenly, thereby increasing the life of your grill. It will also improve the taste of the meal you prepare.

Our revolutionary mobile grill cleaning service helps to restore your grill to like-new condition, leaving it clean to the touch both inside and out, giving you peace of mind that your grill is safe to use.

Why Grill Cleaning is Good for Health?

Find below the Various of Grill Cleaning Service from our Team.

BBQ Grill Cleaning Service

BBQ Grill Repair

Propane Refill

Pellet Grill Cleaning

Gas Grill Cleaning

Our Major Services

Grill Cleaning Service in Florida

BBQ cleaning professionals can handle all makes and models to guarantee you have a clean barbeque that is ready, sanitary, and safe.

Grill Repairing Service in Florida

We repair barbeque grills of all makes and models. Best pricing and service are assured. Call us for savings on any barbeque grill repair!

100+ Happy Clients!

What People Are Saying?

"They're fantastic! They can fix anything, and they always show up when they say they will. I'm a property manager, and I utilise them for every single one of my properties, which says a lot. They are complete professionals with a high level of trustworthiness."
Philip Watson
"These guys are incredible. We had our 10-year-old Weber Genesis grill deep cleaned, and it now looks brand new. Not only was the price reasonable, but they were really competent and thorough in their work on the grill."
Emma Roberts
"These guys were fantastic and arrived shortly after I called. I am quite pleased with their service and personnel. They come highly recommended from me."
Olivia Spencer
Grill Cleaning Service Florida

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We will show up at the time specified and provide you with the following services. First, we make sure the bbq grill lights up and works.

We then remove all the grease and debris clearing out of all burner holes for good solid gas flow from the individual parts and buff.

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Professional BBQ Cleaning Service Florida

BBQ Grill Cleaning by Grill Tanks Plus

A poorly maintained BBQ Grill leads to numerous performance issues, not to mention, possible health concerns.

Professional BBQ Cleaning Service Florida

BBQ Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Grill Maintained

Everyone knows that a well-kept grill is stunning, safe to use, and works efficiently. Not to worry. We are here for you!

Professional BBQ Grill Cleaning Service Florida

Propane Tank Safety Tips To Consider

Propane gas is unquestionably one of the efficient and affordable ways to heat the home, cook, and generate electricity.

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BBQ Grill Repair

Before you do, you’re going to need to clean that grill off. It’s been sat there all winter, and it needs to be sparkling clean

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